Thursday, April 30, 2009

May I Panic Now?

I have a sore throat.

You know as well as I do that this is not the time to be getting flu symptoms. What makes it worse? I was loitering around transit hubs yesterday. Not the sort of thing one should be doing given the current global health scare.

What was I thinking?

I'll tell you what I was thinking. I was thinking: Paid for my ticket home. Might as well go. Too expensive to stay away from, what with the current economic turmoil. So I threw caution to the wind, sat in train stations, rode busses, flew on planes and here I am, throat all muchy and shoulders starting to ache. Coincidence, right?


At least I'm home. I could think of far worse places to die.

But enough about my impending doom. This is Levitude and here we celebrate the funny side of life (and/or death). We say so what if there's a global pandemic? I laugh in the face of global pandemics. HA! I eat global pandemics for breakfast and say "pass the bread basket, I need something to throw up in!" RAAALPH! Err... what else...? Oh, yeah! I play games in the face of global pandemics! BEEP-BOOP!

Join me, why don't you? (but don't forget to wash your hands afterwards)

One last thing. If you don't hear from me in too long that means I didn't make it. Just in case, I think I oughta tell you...

The money is in the

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