Monday, February 9, 2009

High Five!

You gotta love Improv Everywhere. Their mission in life? To create scenes. Not so much the candid camera "ha! We totally had you messing your drawers" type of scenes, but more the "weird! what was that all about?" type scenes. I like that. It gives folks who have witnessed one of their 'missions' amusing anecdotes to share.

Their missions are many and varied and are always a fun view or read. If you've traipsed around the internet video sites long enough you've undoubtedly seen something of theirs. The annual New York Subway 'No Pants Day' is one of their brainchilds. What started out a few years ago as just a handful of 'agents' baffling the morning commuters by riding the train in their underwear for no good reason and having no idea why those other people were coincidentally riding sans-pants has now exploded into thousands of participants making it a major annual event.

For their latest mission they've scaled things back to something simple and fun for morning commuters. It's nice, feel good missions like this that are the very essence of Improv Everywhere.

And if you're not caught up on their past missions you will find them all at the Improv Everywhere website. Some are so good they'll make you cry tears of joy.

Oh, I almost forgot. For those of you who are also extraverts, Improv Everywhere has created a site for you to organise similar missions in your own part of the world. Check out Urban Prankster.