Thursday, November 27, 2008

Help A Starving Prince


Sparkling jewel of Africa. Land of opportunity. Home to the riches of the gullible.

From here anything is possible, and often is!

Marco Polo once said of Nigeria: "Nigeria? Where's that?" Before turning his attention back to making up rules for the swimming pool game for which he is named.

Nigerians are a friendly bunch. If you've ever had the pleasure of trading emails with a Nigerian you no doubt learned they are a kind and generous people trying their best to struggle through so much oppressive economic red tape, and necessarily seeking foreign assistance in order to get their billions out of the country.

This is where you come in.

A pinch of compassion and you're on your way. You'll soon find yourself up to your spam filter in totally credible sob stories and too-good-to-be-false gold mine opportunitites. Why in the world would anyone ever bother working a regular 9 to 5 job when all it takes is a little up front cash for you to make an obscene return on your investment?

The fact is, a few small communities have sprung up to take full advantage of these offers and you won't believe what adventure stories they have to tell.

Governors, Clique Mobs, Fire Sticks, Anus Laptops - but I've said too much already. You simply must check it out for yourself.

Tip: you'll need to register on their forums to get to the marrow. Well worth it for the many hours worth of laughs.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lets Make Movies!

a. You're a Star Wars fan.

b. You're such a fan you don't just want to watch Star Wars. You want to be in Star Wars.

c. You resolve to make a fan film.

d. Most likely only Star Wars fans who have been thinking about making their own fan film are going to appreciate it.

e. Unless you happen to be Ryan Wieber and Michael "Dorkman" Scott, who understand that hokey dialogue and poor acting skills are what kills fan filmdom dead when all people really want to see is the coolest light saber duel ever.

f. But now the problem is you've created an internet phenomenon and the fans crave 'more'.

h. It's kept you so busy you've not been able to study up on your alphiebets in a long time.

17. Because you've been working hard on making RvD2 for the ravenous fans. With more special effects. More drama. An original score. And more all-round awesomeness in general.

xviii. You now officially rock and have a dedicated website to showcase all the hard work that went into building your rockfulness.

g. Hand them the keys, George.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fluff Piece

With Halloween behind us it's time to exorcise our demons, lock away our Necronomicons, and return to walking in daylight once again. Pretending we live in a Demon Haunted World is fun for a time, but I prefer the real, tangible world any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

I'm sure you know people who believe in a lot of whacky stuff. Maybe you have some whacky beliefs yourself? What's the harm, right? Without getting all serious lets just leave it at "I've seen this kind of thinking make victims of people" and get back to the levitude.

Today we're spotlighting a story that aired as one of those fluff pieces at the end of the "news" and subsequently went viral: The Gas Station Ghost. Only we're paying no attention to the original cut. We're going with the RECUT! version. Because its way funnier.

The original story, as you'll soon figure out if you haven't seen it already, was about a ghost caught on a gas station security cam. It's your typical non-news news story where the reporter lets "you decide." Which is always code for - everything you just saw and heard is complete rubbish but if we came out and said that we wouldn't have a story now would we? *wink*

Anyway, The Gas Station Ghost Recut is the handiwork of a real life superhero who goes by the name Captain Disillusion. Captain D likes to take all sorts of hokey videos on the web and break them down for us, showing how they were faked. It really is an entertaining production for something free to the web. I promise you'll have loads of fun catching up in his channel. I give it 5 bugs. Highly recommended.